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What we offer:

If you would like to send your offer or even a regular newsletter to a designated target group by e-mail, then
* we help to produce the letter (or give an opinion on it)
— it is important that the letter be brief, concise and attention-grabbing, as well as small in size (so as not to get stuck due to rigorous screening)
instead of detailed attachments (which they probably won’t open…) we prefer to include links in the letter, which those interested can click on and view more detailed information, attractive high-resolution images and graphics on the website
* we send the letter with you as sender to the target group, even personalised for the target persons.
instead of a general form of address (Dear Sir / Madame, or Dear Future Partner,) it is worth personalising it (Dear John Smith,), because then the target person will receive it, even if it is sent to a central e-mail address
* a well prepared personalised offer or newsletter can be sent to the GDPR compatible e-mail address of the contact persons in our professional databases
* we are happy to send your online message to the target group screened from the 430,000 firms with e-mail addresses in our large company database: even with selection according to towns or regions, main activity or company size.