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What we offer:


— screening from close to half a million businesses active in Hungary: by region (towns, even districts, counties, regions) and company size (revenue, headcount), as well as; main activity (sectors, TEÁOR). See: MODEL 1 and MODEL 2 ! — this cold list of 460 thousand addresses can easily be screened according to the desired target group. It includes the company name, tax number, company registration number, address, establishment date, main activity (NACE), registered capital (100%), revenue (94%) and separately also for the last three year’s revenue (80 – 60 – 65%), headcount (93%), website (15%), e-mail address (93%), telephone number (15%), the manager’s and owner’s name (almost 100%), etc. A disadvantage: it is only partly monitored, may include obsolete data.


from our more detailed professional databases of many thousands of firms, you can obtain much more detailed, refined information: e.g. from our databases of vehicles, events, hotels, promotional merchandise, drinks, as well as local government, education (schools), lawyers, doctors and pharmacies. — in these, besides the above you can find the name and position of the contact person (manager, person in charge of vehicles, events or other things, also the person conducting interviews) ; information on use of vehicles or events, etc. (e.g. number of vehicles, category, make, type, year), acquisition, sales and marketing plans, etc.; / for local government, all the address, e-mails and telephone numbers, contact details for the mayor and the notary, etc.; / for educational institutions, besides the name, address, telephone number and e-mail, the name of the head of the institution, as well as similar data on the institution underpinning it. Contact details for 11 thousand lawyers (45% working in firms and 55% as individual lawyers); data on all family doctors, dentists and pharmacies.) — fully detailed data can be found in our regularly updated professional databases, thus enabling much more refined communication.

*If it would help you to make a decision, we are happy to present our databases, the operation of our call centre and details of our campaign via TEAMS, ZOOM or Skype.