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What we offer:

* This is the most efficient client activation method, because it is interactive, and it is easy to measure the reaction and affinity of the target group to the use of the customer’s product or service recommended by us. At the same time we can find out whether they use anything like this (from which company), and whether they are interested in collaboration with our partner, whether the interviewed person may be approached by telephone or e-mail.
* A successful lead generation campaign depends on two things: a well defined and selected target group and a professional questionnaire (script).
— We have been running telemarketing client activation campaigns like these for more than twenty years, and we have great experience in producing the most appropriate scripts. Based on rough questions from the partner, we made a proposal for the script, which after refinements we ask them to approve.
Most frequently, we preset companies screened from our general or professional database into our CATI call centre, but we have no problem working with our customer’s call list taken from elsewhere, or with updating the partner’s own old, obsolete database.
* Before the campaign, we train the designated operators, who will get to know the customer’s website and background material, learn the questionnaire script, and then after testing will call all the selected companies and record the answers.
* We generally send the enquirers (asking for a telephone call or e-mail) within two days, the urgent ones the same day.
* At the end of the campaign, all the material will be handed over on a separate worksheet. A.) with the call status of all the selected companies (interview / only reached: not willing to reply, left to call back, answer machine, fax, etc. / not reached: repeatedly engaged, or did not answer); / B.) the interviews; / C.) the enquirers; / D.) those reached (without interview); / E.) additional firms reached (e.g. if there were one or more return calls before an interview).
* The cost of a campaign (with full settlement) depends on the length of the interview, and the number of interviews and persons reached. (Ask for a quotation!)

* If it would help you to make a decision, we are happy to present the operation of our call centre, our databases and details of our campaigns via TEAMS, ZOOM or Skype.