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PROFESSIONAL DATABASES (in more detail – with models):

* Vehicles:
— service providers (general agencies dealing with motor cars, small commercial vehicles and trucks, brand dealerships, other vehicle dealerships, fleet managers, leasing, tyre, stockbroker, fuel, etc. firms) and users (6.300 businesses with motor car, small commercial vehicle and 1.370 heavy truck fleets) / see: MODEL 3 !
* Events:
— service providers (hotels and other venues, as well as organisers and agencies) and users (5,000 large enterprises which run various company events: e.g. team building, further training, workshops, managers’ meetings, seminars, conferences, congresses; partner, client and buyer meetings; family days, sports days, May Day celebrations; receptions, parties, gala events; Christmas celebrations, speech days, etc.) / see: MODEL 4 !
* Hotels:
— From 1.400 accomodations, 950 hotels and 480 guesthouses (address, telephone, e-mail, website, manager, contact person, owner, revenue, number of rooms, tax number, last three years revenue and headcount of the company)
* Promotional merchandise, drinks:
— service providers (traditional and one-off gift distributors, engravers, as well as wineries, distilleries, drinks wholesalers and retailers) and users (3.000 large enterprises, which buy company gifts, sweets or drinks in large batches for their workers, partners or clients at Christmas time and during the year) / see: MODEL 5 !
* Local government:
— for the 3,200 towns and villages of Hungary, the address, telephone number and e-mail address of the local government, the contact details for the mayor and the notary – screening by county, region, population, type of settlement (county town – town – large village – village) / see: MODEL 6 !
* Education (schools):
— detailed data on the 5,700 nursery schools, primary and secondary schools of Hungary: address, telephone number, e-mail, name of the head of the institution – as well as the contact details and head of the institution underpinning it / see: MODEL 7 !
* Lawyers:
— contact details (address, telephone number, e-mail address) for 5,100 law firms and 6,300 individual lawyers
* Doctors:
— data on 6,500 family doctors, 4,000 dentists, 2.430 pharmacies (name, owner company, address, phone, e-mail, pharmacy manager <man.dir.>, from whom they buy, sales revenue, nr. of employees, pharmacy chain membership)